Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fall and Ending of 2016

I was such a dud in 2016 with writing about things.  At least I posted something at all, I guess!  Here is the final catch-up to 2016.  2017 is going to be better... I hope!  

Let's start with how beautiful you are and how much you're growing.  On my 35th birthday, you became a woman.  You're growing too quickly!

You finally have braces... $4,200.00 later!  Boy, kids are expensive ...but totally worth it!  

In this picture we're playing in the leaves outside with Duggy, and we stopped to take a photo of you.  You're incredibly beautiful inside and out.  

You bring so much joy and laughter (not always, though, moody!) into our home.  You are incredibly smart -- even though you don't think you are.  You definitely are.  You catch on to things quickly.  You have a beautiful gift of singing, and you have become an amazing artist!  Seriously, look how great these pictures are that you've drawn in the past year!

I just can't get over how talented you are.  God really has given you some amazing gifts, and I feel like this is the year that you are really finding out what they are.  You are kind and compassionate to others, too!  You love to dance, and you love to act.  In fact, just recently you agreed to be a part of the drama for VBS this summer!

Ahhhh, Halloween -- your favorite holiday!  You dressed as Peridot from Steven Universe.  While you weren't very happy with how your "hair" fit, it was homemade, and I think it looked great!  You looked like a perfect Peridot, even though everyone thought you were a cheese head!  hahaha!  Anyway, you said this Halloween was a lot of fun.  We had family over for a party, went trick-or-treating, went to a haunted house (35 times!), and then you, Ary, Colin, and (forget his name) "ran the streets of Boyertown" with Colin's dad "watching" you from his truck.  I know that I probably wouldn't approve of what was going on if I was there, but that's all part of trusting you and the young lady you're becoming to do the right thing... because *sniff, sniff* I can't always be there now that you're growing up.

Speaking of growing up, you turned 12 years old this year.  12!  The last year before you're a teenager!  Where did my little girl go???

There she is!

And of course youth group has been great for you this year.  Yes, you've had some interesting issues with some of the girls, but you've always (at least from what I know) done the right thing in the situations.  I'm so proud of you.  God really has some amazing things planned for you.  He better because that's how I've been praying!!

Thanksgiving was a normal Thanksgiving this year.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos.  

Christmas was full of fun things!  Here are a few pictures to help tell the story:

And finally, my favorite Christmas picture of them all!

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