Monday, October 17, 2016

Catching Up: 2016 Highlights

The New Year of 2016, Spring, and Summer

New Year's Eve Party

We invited some family and friends for a party... complete with confetti balloons!  ... and a not-so-happy daddy during clean-up lol!

First snow in our new house!

Said goodbye to Maggie.  1/18/16

Adopted Duggy 1/20/16!

Snowstorm:  2 Feet of Snow!  1/23/16

In addition to teaching at GAK, we began teaching Sunday school at church, and you were in our Sunday School class!  We also were the leaders at your second VBS at Trinity.  Oh, and I helped design the stage for Cave Quest VBS :)


Lots of violin, piano, chorus, and show choir concerts.  You've landed all the solos that you've tried out for.  You are really excelling in music, art, and reading.


We bought a new car:  Honda CR-V

Just had a lot of general summer fun!

You moved from our Sunday School Class to Youth Group and have made amazing friends and had a lot of great times so far.  

Some Junior High Youth Group Fun:

We got a piano... for free!  Blessing from God!

These are just some of the things we've done.  I didn't touch on our second summer in the house and many other things.  Life has just become so crazy and busy... but very beautiful.  God has blessed us so much!

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