Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Typical School Morning - 4th Grade

In your "snuggie":
As I write this, you are currently sitting on my lap in your pink "snuggie"with your toes curled underneath you, asking me to rock you side-to-side.  You're getting so big that you barely fit on my lap anymore.  This makes me both sad and happy - sad that my little girl is growing up, but happy that I get to know more about the beautifulness of you as you grow older.  You are always so sweet in the morning.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.  I normally wake you up each school morning by giving you kisses and rubbing/scratching your little head.  On a rare occasion, you wake up before I get a chance to (usually when you're anticipating a snow day).  I'll hear you pitter-patter down the stairs and then you crawl into my lap.  I always ask you, "how was your sleepy?", and you smile and put your head on my shoulder.  Your hair is knotty, cold, partially wet, and smells like fruity Suave shampoo.  It's almost time to get ready for school.

3 years old:

Flashback:  When you were about 3 years old up until about 7 years old, you used to pretend like you were a flower.  You would crawl up through a circle I would make with one leg and say, "I'm a flower!  Pick me!  Pick me!"  I would pick you up, place you on my lap, hug and kiss you, and say, "Oh, what a beautiful flower you are!  I love you so much!"  You would close your eyes, smile, and act like a cat suddenly by rubbing your face against me and making a purring sound.  

New Year's Eve 2014:
Now you're eating a bowl of "mama cereal", which is any non-sugary cereal that I like to eat.  I called it that one morning when you were younger and it just stuck.  As you're slurping away in the background (which I should be sitting with you, but I'm so excited about these memoirs, so I'm sure you'll forgive me), you're talking about cat facts because you're a creepy cat lady like daddy and me, and you're making up new words.  Apparently, "gort" is a mixture of the word great and gorgeous.  You're also very funny and, as Auntie Anne put it best, quirky.  You have a spelling test that we have to review for.  They all have silent letters.  Condemn and honor are the two that keep tripping you up this week, but I know you'll get them.  Spelling always came a little harder for you, but you and I study every night and you always get great grades on your tests.  

First meal - Taco Salad:

I just got back from dropping you and Zaidy off at school.  Zaidy's been coming with us every morning this year because her mom's daycare is back in full swing.  Now I sit down at my desk and work until you come home.  The loneliest time of the day for me.  It's not too bad, though.  Your daddy and I e-mail each other pretty frequently throughout the day.  One thing that I hope you realize one day is how much your daddy and I love each other.  We are madly in love, and our greatest hope for you aside from your salvation is that you find a love as rich as ours.  After I'm done working, I'll clean and figure out dinner.  You've made dinner now all by yourself three different times, and your daddy and I are so proud of you.  You've made taco salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and fried chicken, and you seem to really enjoy it.  I really love sharing cooking with you.  

For the next 7 hours, you'll be at school.  This is the first year that your school doesn't allow parent volunteers in the classroom, so I can only chaperone your field trips and help at after-school fundraisers/events.  One of my favorite things was volunteering each week in your classroom.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch all that you experience in your school day and all the different types of people you spend time with that will have an influence on you.  I pray for you every day and am so thankful that God is with you, watching your every move. 

4th Grade field trip:
This has become quite a long first entry.  Not all of the entries will be this long, and some may be longer.  The point of these memoirs is to talk about the beautiful person you are, point to the experiences you've had, both good and bad, and always point you to Jesus.  

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